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Sligo Seventh Day Adventist Church

Location: Takoma Park, Maryland.
Program: Chancel platform renovations for new pipe organ and choir.
Budget: $150,000.00.
Schedule: Design completed 2003.  Construction completed 2004.


Working with Sligo Seventh Day Adventist Church, Acoustical Design Collaborative, Ltd provided room acoustics design for chancel platform renovations prior to installing a 39 rank Rogers pipe organ in a 1,200-seat sanctuary. Design options were developed for the organ chamber grilles after analysis suggested insufficient acoustical transparency for tonal projection would result. Additional gypsum wallboard layers were added to the organ chamber surfaces to increase sound reflectivity. Ceiling sound absorptive plaster over the chancel was removed to expose the concrete structural slab. The front glass window was thickened to reduce low frequency sound absorption from the organís principal pipes. The chancel platform was designed to improve choral singing conditions by using a raised hardwood floor and orienting the choristers towards the congregation. Sound reflecting panels behind the lower organ chamber grilles and the front chancel wall enhance choral blending, sound projection, and ensemble conditions. The chancel platform acoustical modifications complement the needs of both the organ and choir and provide a new visual focus for Worship.

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